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Let me tell you everything...

My name is Xayide. (Yes, I know it's 'different'.) Just call me, Xay.

Lives in the Philippines, has problems with actors, studying, blogging, posting sarcasm, Misha, TOM HIDDLESTON, and the latter.

Misha/SPN-centric blog with bits of every little thing I love. That's what I blog for.

Chris Pratt interrupts the interview to french braid intern’s hair x

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squinty!cas (+bonus jimmy novak) | requested by strongerthancas

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"I had no choice. I did it to protect the boys. Or to protect myself. I -I don’t know anymore."

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”...And I think that is that- the honeymoon is over quickly with that…” (Jensen Ackles TCA 2014) X

There ain’t nobody controlling Dean Winchester, and this Dean Winchester will come back to us. 

I knew Dean wouldn’t be a good little demon.

Exactly! he will be a full force of DEAN WINCHESTER, and it’s important, because whatever he will do will be his choosing, even if influenced by the blade. this is so important because it will be Dean Winchester that will want to come back to humanity, it will be his choosing, he is a force of free will, and how it can be used to both sides. and I can’t wait for him to explore his identity through it, and to understand (even if after a series of wrongs) that he isn’t 90% crap. that he is so much more , that nothing define him other that what he choose to do, that he can change, he can make it, he is strong and good and brave. 

And he will come back. 

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I remember being at a shoreline, watching a little grey fish heave itself up on the beach and an older brother saying, “don’t step on that fish, Castiel. Big plans for that fish.”

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"Once you’ve accepted your flaws, no one can use them against you."
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