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Let me tell you everything...

My name is Xayide. (Yes, I know it's 'different'.) Just call me, Xay.

Lives in the Philippines, has problems with actors, studying, blogging, posting sarcasm, Misha, TOM HIDDLESTON, and the latter.

Misha/SPN-centric blog with bits of every little thing I love. That's what I blog for.

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I have this weird reaction to minced garlic. Whenever I eat it, I have really horrible farts—weirdly awful. I had eaten a lot of it, and we got on a flight—packed flight—completely packed, and it was one of those situations where, you know, I was on the window side, and I didn’t want to get up, I figured I’ll—I felt something building up is what I’m trying to say. And I just let a little bit out, just little by little.

Long story short, I farted, and the guy behind me fainted. A flight attendant came over and splashed water on his face and sort of resuscitated him. And his wife or girlfriend goes, “I think I smell some gas”, and they said, “Ma’am, that’s impossible, all the fuel on the plane is stored in the wings so there’s none of it that comes anywhere near the fuselage. Absolutely impossible for there to be a gas leak.” They let it go.

About an hour and a half into the flight, I thought, “I’ll be more careful this time”. I farted again, the guy faints again. Flight attendants came, and his girlfriend says, “Somebody let out some gas”. They said, “Ma’am, we told you the gas cannot leak”. The woman sitting next to them said, “No, no, somebody has to go to the bathroom”

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I can really imagine a director being like “Misha is beautiful .Like he’s really pretty. Dat profile. Dem eyelashes. Dem eyes. Dem lips. Dat jaw. We really need just a few long seconds taking all that in and showing off our beautiful angel.”

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2/ spn caps - 04x07

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[x] Misha, West & Maison at the All-Star Lunch

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"Hitler. I’d tell him his paintings were great and to stay off the politics and get laid."
"If you could meet anyone in the world dead or alive who would it be and what would you say to them?" (Interviewer’s Q&A w/ Benedict Cumberbatch)

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